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Whilst the worlds do overlap, s & h employment law strongly believe that HR is also a unique skill set all of its own. For those of you in HR, we think you are amazing!

We also know that sometimes businesses need a little more support. We work together with our external Business Partners to provide you with the best possible service. They are all specialist and experienced HR professionals.

We can help, whether you have an in-house HR team (and need an extra hand) or you need us to act in that role, saving you time and reducing the risk of issues causing potential litigation.

Here are some of the many ways we help our clients:

At the start – recruitment

  • job descriptions
  • interviews (conducting them, training managers, setting skill/competency tasks or questions)
  • inductions

Support with processes and change

  • absences (family friendly, ill-health (including sickness management tools))
  • appraisals, development and pay (including benchmarking and benefits)
  • business sales and changes (redundancies, restructuring, TUPE)
  • other HR projects
  • training

Support with disciplinary and grievances

Assisting or conducting:

  • investigations
  • meetings, hearings and appeals (including Chairing them)
  • comprehensive note taking

And more including:

  • cv and interview support and training
  • dealing with the leavers process
  • devising and conducting employee surveys (to measure employee opinion and engagement)
  • practical support on implementation or use of contracts and handbooks
  • team building

How can we help you?

Drop us a message or give us a ring 01483 670170 and we can have a chat about what support you need. If we are already doing work for you and we think that any of these services will benefit you, we will let you know.

Employment Law & HR training

We run regular seminars on employment law and HR matters for our clients.

In addition, we run training events, including in-house. This might be run by our solicitor, our External Business Partners (including the HR specialists) or a combined session.The most popular areas for support are:

  • managing people and teams
  • change management
  • interview skills
  • appraisal skills
  • managing meetings
  • coaching skills for managers
  • managing conflict
  • handling disciplinaries and grievances

How do I find out more?

Do get in touch with us and we can talk through your needs.

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