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Is it true I have to provide an employment contract within two months?

An employer is only legally required to provide, in writing, to the employee what is known as a section one statement. The terms are extremely basic and rarely offer much protection to the employer. However, if you do not provide it, extra compensation is payable where an employee brings other tribunal claims.

Why would I want an employment contract?

Employment contracts often support employers more than employees. This is because they usually include key additions such as:

  • probationary periods
  • adjusted notice periods
  • confidentiality obligations
  • company property provisions
  • restraint of trade clauses
  • permission to change
  • alternative disciplinary sanctions such as reduction of pay or demotion
  • allowing for deductions from salary
  • absence reporting requirements
  • limit bonus payments (during notice periods and post termination)
  • and more

Directors and senior management would usually have an employment contract known as a service agreement. These are more detailed with greater obligations to the business.

How serious are we about your business having an employment contract?

We think it is so important for a business to have in place an employment contract that we offer a fixed price essentials employment Contract, which fits most businesses. We also give your business further added value by providing you with a standard Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure. Key to protecting your business if either situation arose in the future. The Contract can be developed further if you have specific requirements.

What about a Handbook?

We can produce a Handbook for you. The number of policies will vary depending on your size of business and its needs. The ones usually requested include:

  • equality and diversity
  • information and communication systems
  • social media
  • family friendly rights
  • disciplinary and grievance rules and procedures
  • whistleblowing A full list of our policies is available on request.

What next? How can we help you?

Whether your current Contract or Handbook needs reviewing, updating or creating, we can help you.

The law does frequently change and we do recommend ensuring your documents are up-to-date. One issue we frequently come across is where policies and procedures have been made contractual. This can cause several difficulties for employers.

Do get in touch, naturally it will be a no-obligation call.

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