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Businesses need talented individuals in order to thrive and that can mean pooling talent from across the world. Some of those individuals might need immigration permission before they can work in the UK and it’s important to get it right first time.

Whilst we at s & h employment law do not undertake this work, we recognise that our clients often need additional support in a number of areas. We have therefore created a network of local External Specialist Partners who we work with.

We work with our External Specialists, such as Helen Smith, to assist businesses from the UK and all round the world to gain the correct permissions to allow their executives and employees to live and work in the UK. This includes their providing strategic immigration advice at every step of the journey in order to help our clients achieve their long-term goals in the UK.

Helen Smith, is an immigration solicitor, whose advice includes:

  • Strategic, commercial advice comparing available options
  • Tier 2 licence applications and Tier 2 sponsored worker visas
  • Immigration compliance, including right to work and Tier 2 sponsor licence audits
  • Sole representative applications
  • Tier 1: Investors and entrepreneurs
  • Advising on the grey areas between business visits and work requiring a visa
  • Managing global mobility programmes and internships

Helen has experience of advising businesses across a wide range of industries – from those requiring specialist skills in short supply in the UK to those needing a senior executive with company knowledge.  Her offices are in London & Woking.

Please email Helen for any support or advice you need here



When businesses and individuals make decisions about international assignments, tax is often overlooked. This can cause significant issues and financial loss to businesses and individuals.

Many businesses simply do not have the internal resources available to fully and properly address the tax and administrative matters for their international assignees.  With specific payroll reporting and withholding rules applying to companies with international assignees, it is often complicated to administer.

As a business or individual you may find you need support with international assignments during the pre-assignment, assignment, and repatriation phase.

Significant cost savings can often be made by properly structuring the compensation package, and by controlling the timing of the assignment itself. It is therefore key to obtain advice at the outset.

Businesses frequently need support, so to save them time and the risk of financial losses, with:

  • ensuring assignees are properly reporting and paying their worldwide taxes, while at the same time minimising associated corporate costs and the assignees’ worldwide individual tax liabilities.
  • providing home and host country tax return preparation, tax equalisation calculations, arrival and departure meetings, and tax consulting services to their employees.
  • their relationships with vendors to meet the special needs of assignee programmes for services such as social security planning and compliance, immigration, visa, green card, relocation, cultural orientation, etc.

For immigration tax, our External Specialist Partner is Joanne Kerr and her team at Global Tax Network Ltd (GTN is a worldwide organisation) in their Guildford office.

Their mission is to “Establish GTN as the premier tax consulting and compliance service provider to companies with international assignees, offering proactive personal service to both corporate and individual clients.”

They go on to say : GTN is a network of professional services firms that specialises in meeting the individual income tax preparation and consulting needs of employers and employees on international assignment.  GTN provides sound, dependable, cost-effective international assignee tax return preparation, consulting, administrative and payroll services to our clients.

If you want to read more about what GTN and their views on what sets them apart from the competition do see here

Please email Joanne for any support or advice you need here

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