A grievance is where you formally raise concerns about what is happening in the business or the way others are behaving within the employer business, such as bullying, mismanagement, discrimination or poor treatment. It can be a difficult time and deciding what to do next can be confusing. We can help support you with this.

Your employer should have given you a Grievance Procedure, or access to one, within two months of you joining them. If not, you can ask to see a copy. Their Grievance Procedure needs to comply with the ACAS Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures (ACAS Code) .

How Do I Raise A Grievance?

Whilst a grievance doesn’t have to be in writing, it is usually better to do so. This helps ensure your employer is aware that it is a grievance. In addition, you have a record of what has been raised and when.

What Happens Next?

In summary, the ACAS Code and the employer’s Grievance Procedure should include:

  • investigating your grievance and any evidence
  • inviting you to a meeting to hear your concerns
  • write to you with their outcome
  • where possible, put in place a more senior and independent person to hear your appeal
  • ensuring you are given an opportunity to be accompanied throughout

If an employer doesn’t follow the process fairly and later you bring a claim then the compensation can be increased by 25%. Likewise, if you don’t follow the process your compensation can be reduced by 25%. More help can be found in the ACAS Guidance.

What Next? How Can We Help You?

Please get in touch so that we can talk to you about how best to present your grievance and gather evidence in support of your concerns.

Sometimes one or both parties, might decide it is better to part ways. We can help you approach your employer, or negotiate any proposals they might put forward. If you do leave the business, then usually you will be asked to sign a Settlement Agreement. If so, your employment solicitor, can advise you on its terms and how reasonable it is. Want to see what our clients say from around the Guildford & Godalming area? Please see their testimonials.

Have you received a grievance as an employer? See here.

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