Some of our testimonials….

Mr. B [Settlement Agreement & Negotiations]

“Calm, articulate and responsive, Simona helped me to swiftly achieve an amicable solution to a stressful situation where I had been unfairly treated by an employer oblivious to their legal responsibilities.   The combination of both Simona’s employment law expertise and the practical HR know-how from Annalise enabled me to respond and negotiate from a much stronger position and with a positive outcome, much to my relief!  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend s & h employment law.”

Fleur C [Employer]

“I have no hesitation in recommending Simona Hamblet; her wealth of experience in dealing with various employment law issues has proven expeditious and successful since her professional advice was first sought in 2013.”

Employment Law Barrister

“I can always count on the case being thoughtfully put together, with a properly advised client, before it comes to me”

Mr E [Settlement Agreement & Negotiations]

“Thank you so much for an excellent service. Despite having complete clarity on the issues I was debating, it was an impossible struggle to defend myself any further without your invaluable help. You were so quick to gather the threads of my argument and translate them into the necessary form, it was like being plucked out of the water! Patient with my questions and generous with your advice, you took an enormous burden off my shoulders, which helped me to make the necessary decisions with a cool head. I also appreciate your humanity and straight talk. Finally, thank you for negotiating your fees.” 

Corporate Director International, Teammate Resources (HR) at FlightSafety International [Employer]

“I have worked with Simona for many years and I know that when I have a problem she will offer me supportive advice. She is honest, open and ethical in her approach and I appreciate the fact that she doesn’t baffle with rules/regulations and laws but instead advises on the most suitable approach for the desired outcome. She is quick to respond and even when she is extremely busy with workload she never makes me feel that she doesn’t have the time to help. Our company trust Simona and value the work she has completed for us, she is capable of adapting her explanations and approach to all levels of personnel (in various countries) that she is involved in.” 

Mrs H [Settlement Agreement & Negotiations]

“We were very happy with how Simona/s & h employment law handled our case. Everything explained in a clear and concise way while being very compassionate to our situation. A fantastic level of efficiency which was really appreciated, certainly a cut above other solicitors that we have worked with before. We would highly recommend s & h employment law.” 

Mr D [Employee Shareholder Agreement]

“Simona provided an excellent service, with particularly clear communication and helpful advice. Would certainly recommend” 

Ms L [Settlement Agreement]

“I was delighted with the level of supportive advice Simona provided me with, as an employment Solicitor. She was very quick to respond and I really appreciated her approach, her honesty, her communication and how she made me feel always very comfortable in an area I was not. Simona is obviously very knowledgeable and was able to provide an excellent service. I highly recommend her!” 

Mr D [Unfair Dismissal]

“I wanted to express my complete satisfaction with how Simona handled my case. Having been unfairly dismissed by my employer, I contacted Simona who was professional, informative and punctual at all time. With her assistance I was able to get my desired outcome and as such I wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending her services to anyone in a similar situation.”